I guess the first place to start is with the name. Why Endo? In this context, it is a cycling term that refers to the act of going head first over the handle bars (end-over, hence "endo"). It is typically hard to endo when you are playing it safe. 

The concept of the logo combines two things that Tui and I are absolutely passionate about: craft beer & cycling. We've worked with a graphic designer to incorporate a hop cone, chain ring, and chain into the logo to ensure that it captures the essence of what we are about.

With respect to the brewery, Tui and I have been brewing handcrafted ales out of our garage for more than ten years and have won a number of awards for our efforts. While we have a desire to open a larger operation, we simply do not have the time to devote the necessary resources to ensure its success. At least for now...

For now, Endo will remain a hobby. While we have licensed both the name and the business, we are not legally allowed to sell any of the beer that we produce. However, if you are in the neighborhood you are always welcome to a free pint out of our garage.